Revision can be defined as a systematical review of economic and financial structure of a business, its operations and related transactions. Revison commonly refers to reviewing historical transactions. During this review, Accuracy of the transactions and related documents and their compliance with accounting records are examined; errors and omissions are detected. Tax Revision is made in accordance with general revision principles. The purpose of tax revison is determining the business activities and their outcomes through working on business organisations technologies and its accountancy in accordance with predetermined principles and rules. Accordingly the tax revision is the investigation of the transfer of the past business operations to accounting records correctly, clearly and appropriate to legal requirements. Our company makes the tax revison in three ways; Error Revision, Fraud Revision, Statutory Revision. Our target with tax revision auditing is; to determine the errors, omissions and cases contrary to legal requirements by analyzing the businesses’ related transactions, accounting records and financial results sistematically; to adjust and prevent these cases in the future; to determine the tax assesments within the statutory norms accurately.

Our company provides above services beyond revision auditing;

  • Preperation and control of transactions and statements of Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT),Social Security Ins. (SSI), Special Consumption Taxes (SCT) and other taxes in accordance with legistation provisions.
  • Continuous Tax Consultancy
  • Services related with international tax planning
  • Assisting local individuals and instutional investors in foreign countries in the areas of tax, consultancy, business establishment services, etc.

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