Merger-sale or acquisition of Businesses, public offerings etc. are appeared as indispensable practises of today’s global business. The expected benefits of these practises are possible with the right selection of consultants.

Our Company provides the below mentioned Corporate Finance Services to our customers with our qualified and experienced staff.

Merger – Sale and Acquisitions of Businesses

  • Preparing the required documents for merger, sale or acquisition of businesses
  • Determination of the appropriate candidate profiles and contact with prospective partners
  • The evaluation of the target companies which will be acquired
  • Consulting Services in later stages of sale process
  • Determining the sale price, rate of merge – transfer

Project Finance

  • Determine the availability of project financing
  • Examining the financial, economic, technical and legal feasibility
  • Development of pricing models

Company Value and Brand Assesments & Due Diligence Services

  • Şirket değerlemesi çalışmaları
  • Marka değerlemesi çalışmaları
  • SPK Seri IV, No:41 Sayılı tebliğ kapsamında ilişkili taraf işlemlerine ilişkin değerlemeler
  • Diğer değerleme hizmetleri

Foreign Capital

  • Feasibility work of the planned investment
  • Consultancy about the legal eligibility and incorporation of the new company to be established in Turkey
  • Analyses and consultancy on the risk and return balance of the investments
  • Independent audit of the potential partners in Turkey according to the IAS
  • Consultancy for legal process (permission) to open contact offices
  • Consultancy for the working permits of the personnel to be employed in the companies, branches and entities established
  • Consultancy for the taxation issues of the companies which will be established according to the Turkish Legislation

Other Corporate Finance Services

  • Financial Feasibilities
  • Sectoral Studies
  • Establishing and Analyzing Business Plans
  • Financial Restructuring Works
  • Working together with legal advisors in the development of the final aggreements
  • Budget and Reporting Services
  • Organization and Restructuring Services

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